2013 Holiday Home Tour

After several planning meetings this fall, the Holiday Home Tour Committee has decided to move the Tour to a Biennial Event, specifically in the off year of the Festival of Trees. As such, there will not be a 2013 Tour. The committee feels that moving to a Biennial Tour will elicit more excitement and interest in the Tour from both the homeowner and participant perspectives. We are still actively planning for the next Tour, to take place in December 2014 and so welcome continued feedback, ideas, and suggestions for local homes to showcase.

In this off year, we encourage members of the community to continue to support the Portsmouth Education Partnership (PEP) Program through direct donations via the website at www.holidayhometour.org or mail to PEP, C/O Jenn Montplaisir, PEP Director, Little Harbor School, 50 Clough Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801

As you all know, PEP is a wonderful program that offers enriching after school programming for our elementary children. Through our fundraising efforts we are able to offer PEP opportunities to children who would otherwise be unable to participate. We greatly appreciate your support of the PEP Program!